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Age care bathrooms addresses concerns surrounding February 2024 PIP review statistics

by Leah Llano
Age Care Bathrooms, a leading provider of mobility bathroom adaptations, is addressing concerns related to the recently released Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Personal Independence Payment (PIP) quarterly statistics for February 2024. The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) evaluated the compliance of these statistics with the Code of Practice for Statistics and found that they still needed to meet the accredited official statistics requirements.
According to the DWP, planned PIP award review outcomes are outlined as follows:
  • Award Increased: 19%
  • Award Maintained: 51%
  • Award Decreased: 9%
  • Award Disallowed: 21%.
However, these figures, as revealed by independent organisation Benefits and Work, offer a general overview that masks significant variations based on the current award level of claimants. Notably, the data indicates that, on average, 51% of review claimants maintain their current award, but this rate drops to 30% for claimants receiving only the standard rate of the mobility component.
Sam Davies, founder and director of Age Care Bathrooms said: “We understand the concerns raised by the evolving landscape of PIP reviews and the potential impact on individuals needing specialised support. We want to ensure that everyone is informed and empowered during these review processes.”
Age Care Bathrooms encourages individuals to seek advice from external organisations during the PIP review process and aims to raise awareness about the potential impact on those requiring mobility bathroom adaptations. In line with their commitment to supporting individuals with diverse needs, Age Care Bathrooms will continue to report on issues that could impact the provision of accessible bathroom adaptations aimed at enhancing independence and safety.

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