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Happify health and Almirall go live with digital solution to support psoriasis patients

by Tracy Williams

Today, Happify Health, the Intelligent Healing Company™, and Almirall S.A. (BME: ALM), a global biopharmaceutical company focused on skin health, announced that Claro, a digital program developed via the innovative partnership of both companies, is live and now available to people with psoriasis in SpainItaly and the United Kingdom. Claro was built to improve the mental well-being of people with psoriasis through cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Psoriasis is one of the world’s most prevalent skin diseases, affecting about 60 million people worldwide2. A 2019 study in Maedica, a Journal of Clinical Medicine, establishes a clear link between skin psychology and quality of life for people with psoriasis4. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of people, globally, with moderate to severe psoriasis also suffer from mental health issues, like anxiety and depression1. Approximately 80% of those affected with psoriasis have mild to moderate symptoms, with direct healthcare costs for treatment of psoriasis exceeding $65 billion annually3.

“At Almirall, we are proud to offer psoriasis patients a wide range of medicines that cover the whole spectrum of the disease, from mild to severe. Claro helps us to fulfill our commitment to people living with psoriasis, providing them with an enhanced solution addressed to their wellbeing, so they can get their lives back,” said Dr. Volker Koscielny, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Almirall.

“Psoriasis is a significant burden in the daily life of 71% of people who suffer from it, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation in the U.K.3,” said Theo Ahadome, Senior Vice President of Commercialization at Happify Health. “We are very pleased with the level of engagement we are seeing so far among Claro users, and this partnership gives us the opportunity to study how effective digital programs are at keeping psoriasis patients engaged during treatment for psoriasis and improving their quality of life.”

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