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Medical Cert UK: The One stop online destination for medical certificates and doctor’s letters

by Leah Llano
In an era where NHS services are overwhelmed, and access to General Practice is more difficult than ever, both patients and healthcare organisations are seeking a more efficient solution to many primary care services. Medical Cert UK emerges as a seamless and efficient portal for patients to access private medical certificates and doctor’s letters quickly while removing the need for GP appointments for this purpose. This simultaneously provides a revolutionary and efficient patient service while relieving pressure on NHS primary care. By providing an array of medical certification services to meet the diverse needs of patients, Medical Cert UK is poised to transform the way medical certificates are obtained and managed.
With a commitment to patient care and digital innovation, Medical Cert UK offers several services designed to streamline the certification process, ensuring convenience, patient safety, and peace of mind. Our launch offering includes sick leave certificates for work and study, pregnancy fit-to-fly certificates, chicken-pox recovery certificates, fit-to-work certificates, adjustment to work duties certificates, gym & health club cancellation certificates, and travel & holiday cancellation certificates.
Here’s what sets Medical Cert UK apart:
  • Revolutionary Consultation Process: Medical Cert UK does not require appointments, and instead has developed an asynchronous consultation model using carefully developed medical questionnaires, video and evidence uploads, and medical case review by a clinician. Patients no longer have to rely on scheduling appointments at inconvenient times, and can submit their online consultation anytime.
  • 24/7 Service including Overnight Service: We understand that sickness and health problems do not only occur between 9-5, so have designed our service to be live around the clock. Patients can submit their certificate requests via an online consultation form any time of day or night. We have clinicians working overnight on any submitted cases to have them ready for the patient by morning.
  • Fully Qualified GPs only: At Medical Cert UK certificates are only issued by fully qualified GMC-registered GPs. We do not employ junior doctors, only qualified general practitioners on the GMC GP Register. We feel strongly that GPs are in the best position to provide a high standard of holistic care for our patients which includes red flag detection and safeguarding.
  • Easy Certification Verification: Employers and institutions can easily verify certificates issued by Medical Cert UK through our free and easy verification process. This enhances transparency and trust, benefiting both patients and organisations alike.
Corporate Solutions: For healthcare institutions and organisations, Medical Cert UK provides tailored corporate solutions. These include bulk certification management, and dedicated account management services, ensuring seamless coordination and compliance across teams.

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