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Stairlift Expert Gives Advice For 2022 Energy Crisis

by Leah Llano

If a person has difficulty with their mobility, especially in their home, electrical equipment is often required for them to have access to the facilities they need.

Stairlifts are a vital part of this support system and are often installed in a person’s home to open up the upper levels after they run into difficulty with their health. But with the recent energy crisis, stairlifts could become a huge cost for those who simply cannot afford one.

Stairlift Trader has provided a breakdown of how this energy crisis could seriously affect those who rely on them to move around their home.

Do stairlifts use a lot of electricity?

Whether it’s straight or curved, the stairlifts that are needed in homes will require an energy source that could quickly add up to the energy bill.

On average, a stairlift will use very little electricity to take the owner up and down their stairs. Stairlifts use less electricity than a 60-watt light bulb, equating to just £5 a year in comparison to the light bulb’s £14 a year.

However, this may not be the case in 2022. It’s no secret that unfortunately, energy prices have skyrocketed, plunging millions of households into a worrisome winter that may see them struggling to pay the cost of the energy they’re using.

Stairlift users are no different and will also feel this pinch.

Using a stairlift during the 2022 energy crisis

According to figures by the House of Commons Library, electricity prices had increased by 54% in April and are expected to have increased by 80% by October.

This may rightfully worry stairlift owners, as the once £5 a year, could reach £10. This may seem like a small cost, but this could be a much higher cost if the stairlift is used more frequently.

This added to the already spiralling cost of living issues could lead to future issues in finding the funds to run a stairlift. Luckily, most stairlifts use very little electricity, but there are still small changes that can be made to save some much-needed pennies in the coming months.

Stairlifts are normally trickle-charged when parked at the top or bottom of the staircase. The charger output is connected to a copper charging strip attached to the top and bottom of the rail.

To save some extra cash, on the days you don’t plan on being home for much time, you can turn this off and recharge before a heavy use day.

Why is the energy crisis an important concern for those with mobility issues?

Stairlifts are an increasingly popular choice for those who suffer from mobility issues. This has been seen in the most recent Stairlifts Global Market Report of 2022.

The report stated: “The rising incidence of musculoskeletal conditions in various age groups, expanding elderly population with limited mobility are driving the need for mobility solutions, thus fueling growth in the stairlift market. Elderly people are susceptible to various health issues such as dizziness, vertigo, chronic diseases, limited mobility, and mental deterioration, making them dependent on others for movement.

For such individuals, stairlifts serve as an important system providing functional independence to some extent. The market is also poised to benefit from the continuous rise in medical conditions affecting the population. For such individuals, stairlifts serve as an important system providing functional independence to some extent.”

As a result, the amount of people depending on stairlifts is only going to increase, which leads to more people who may be worrying about their energy costs.

How can Stairlift Trader help? 

At Stairlift Trader, the team can advise and support any stairlift users that may be concerned about the efficiency of their stairlifts.

All stairlifts we install and maintain are designed to suit the needs of the user as much as possible, including how much energy they may use during the time it’s installed in the home. If you want to learn more, get in touch with our passionate team of professional engineers and find out how they can help!

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