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Superdrug launches new at-home UTI testing kit in partnership with TestCard

by Tracy Williams

Superdrug Online Doctor and TestCard have announced the launch of the UK’s first UTI ‘test and treat’ partnership.

The non-invasive kits by award-winning medtech enterprise TestCard, allow UTI patients to ‘test and treat’ their condition in the comfort of their own home, without the need to visit a doctor or pharmacist.

TestCard’s innovative technology turns a smartphone camera into a clinical grade scanner, and has been proven to be just as reliable as the professional dipstick reading services used in hospitals and GP surgeries.

Test results are shown in the app accompanied with simple “negative”, “possible UTI”, or “high possibility of a UTI” result readings. Patients then have the option to share the full technical results with a GP, the Superdug Online Doctor service, or another healthcare professional – providing them with the same data that they would see in a laboratory test.

The reliability of results coupled with easy access to a treatment consultation via Superdrug’s Online Doctor, makes this at home UTI testing kit a welcome addition to Superdrug’s extensive portfolio of online medical services.

Michael Henry, Superdrug’s Healthcare Director, said: “When the NHS is as stretched as it is, we’re delighted to be able to support our customers and offer this new at home UTI test and treat service which is easy, accessible and convenient and will also help to reduce the pressure on GP services.”

Superdrug Health Ambassador Dr Zoe Williams added: “UTIs are a common complaint and tend to present with symptoms of pain on passing urine, needing to pee more often and needing to get to the toilet more urgently. The urine itself may look cloudy or smell more than usual. Superdrug now provides this option to check if their urinary symptoms are likely to be a UTI. However, always speak to your doctor straight away if you have symptoms of a more serious infection, such as a high temperature, severe pain or blood in the urine.”

Andrew Botham, co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer at TestCard, commented: “TestCard’s aim is to make testing fast, accurate, and accessible for all. There’s no medical jargon or complicated numbers, and Superdug online doctors can then use the more detailed analysis to decide how best to treat you. TestCard is able to provide alternative routes to important treatment for those that need it.”

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